1. Saurabh Electronics One-stop destination for all kinds of mobile

    Saurabh Electronics provides services to all of its consumers' budgets, tastes, and desires, delivering more than 300 products from India's finest brands. By offering more than seven brands and a varied range of electronic accessories in Buldhana, Saurabh Electronics runs a valuable B2C business. The store is situated in the most significant part of the city and is a trusted choice for many buyers in Buldhana to purchase electronic products. Saurabh Electronics was a mere store on the Karanja Chawk, Main Market, but nine years later, Sandeep Hirappa Rajmane knows today's industry patterns and aims to attract a greater number of consumers via the e-commerce platform. Sandeep Hirappa Electronics is an online business owner of Saurabh Electronics. In Buldhana, Saurabh Electronics has now evolved into a name and is becoming affiliated with electronic devices. Mr. Sandeep Rajmane wants to spread his market horizons in numerous cities and states, along with becoming the

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  2. Why smartphones are the best gifting option in the Diwali season?

    The festival of lights is approaching! Diwali calls for an unforgettable gifting tradition that every Indian adores bringing in a lot of warmth and belongingness. This year, though there are uncertainties prevailing in the country, the festive fervor remains high-pitched. In such situations, people are being able to stay connected with friends and family sharing their joy and happiness through technology, primarily Smartphones. A smartphone is an exceptional gift you can give your loved ones to light up their homes this Diwali. Here’s the reason why, ● New & Advanced features A sleek new smartphone with a crystal-clear display, the latest operating system with a stellar dual camera is undoubtedly a head turner! Although, this Diwali Season some new and advanced smartphone features are gaining popularity. Be it wireless charging, eye-tracking, or wrap-up speed processing there are some features Indians cannot live without. Futuristic technology is available in every next-gen smartph

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  3. Buyers guide to best mobile phones below rupees twenty thousand

    Mid-range smartphones are quite popular in India.There are two major aspects that differentiate the flagship and a mid-range phone-the camera performance and chipset being used. However, from last few years mobile phone companies are coming with innovative technology to bridge the gaps between these two segments with smart software implementations. The greatest advantage of a mid-range device is a good battery life, which is lacking even in flagship phones. Selecting a phone can be a challenging task despite the abundant options. Here is a list of the best value for money phones under Rs 20,000 offers a good display, a big battery with fast charging, great camera performance, and more:


    Samsung Galaxy M31s

    Samsung has launched the Galaxy M31s at Rs. 19,499. Galaxy M31s is a decent update to the Galaxy M31. It has a higher starting price, but

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  4. Cashing the Money from Your Smartphone

    Choosing the perfect smartphone has become a great deal with so many new brands and models. The competition to launch fast and fully-featured smartphones kill the popularity of the previous models. The newest trend these days is to stuff the shelves with affordable handsets with the high-end specifications that will provide the best value for money. This value for money flagship has empowered the users with a minimal budget to own a fully featured smartphone; which earlier were limited only to the expensive models. Along with this, every smartphone today comes with multiple cameras, big batteries that charge up quickly, and fast processors.    

    All the top-players thrive to give their users the best experience by offering stylish looks, great performance, and top-notch features even in the lower-end devices. Companies like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo that has won over the mid-range consumers in the Ind

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  5. Why Do I Need a Smartphone



    Our smartphones are nothing but mini-computers with the mobile operating system (OS) that has intensified features. It is a supremely powerful device especially, after integrating with the internet as it has managed to replace every other device. The features that have enhanced the smartphone’s position in our lives are the access to the web, 4G networks, and Wi-Fi support. 

    Smartphones have become our personal digital assistants that help us carry out every task in your daily chores whether it’s checking work emails, reaching to the workplace, ordering food, etc. 

    The most popular mobile OS includes Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry’s OS, Symbian, etc. These OS have enabled today’s smartphones to support various types of applications and

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  6. Positive Impacts of Smartphones on Human Relationships

    Smart phones are ubiquitous in our daily routine, hence holds a general perception that it has consumed our lives and interpersonal connections. Recently, a survey conducted by Cyber media Research (CMR) and Vivo revealed that nearly 75% of teenagers and 41% of high school graduates own a smart phone.
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  7. Top 5 User-Friendly Mobile Phones in Your Budget

    Smart-phones have become a vital part of our lives as it helps us carry out almost every activity. They are now an un-detachable aspect of our morning routine and significantly replaced newspapers. 


    The early characteristics of a mobile phone were calling messaging, alarms, games, torch, and ringtones. But now, the recent devices have replaced the many gadgets like walkman, videogames, TVs, newspapers, calculators,s and much more. They have also changed our lifestyle with regard to social experiences. Instead of going out to a theatre or restaurant, we prefer watching a movie on our mobile screens or ordering food from our smartphones in the comforts of our homes.


    The Smartphone market is really dynamic because of the developing technology and enhanced features. The cell phones have scaled on the basis of user-friendly interface, high-resolution camera, looks, processors, etc. Your socioeconomic status is measured with better the sp

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