Saurabh Electronics respects your privacy. This document defines how and when Saurabh Electronics collected and used its user’s personally identified information. We advise you to please read this document carefully. By evaluating this text, the users acknowledge that Saurabh Electronics can obtain and utilize the information provided by the user as per the terms specified in the policy.      

If the users have an opinion contrary opinion regarding this document then they can contact us at saurabhelectronics

The policy does not concern the products, services, and people that are not owned and connected, respectively by Saurabh Electronics.   

The purpose of this policy is to build trust among our users so that they can purchase our order without any hesitation. In order to maintain transparency, we would also like our users to know how we collect and use their personally identified information. 


When Do the Users Share Their Information with Saurabh Electronics?

The user shares the information when they are registering, using, and visiting our website. We would also like to inform our users that Saurabh Electronics do not use their bank details in any way. The bank details including /debit card number, expiration date, CVV, etc. will only be required during the payment process. Your additional information will only we needed in case you are filing profile forms or feedback forms for the purpose of promotions. To improve the working of our website and satisfy our users we can track customer traffic patterns and user behaviour. 

The information available through logs of the website and servers is accessible by the use of cookies. This information includes computer-identification, IP address, domain server, and type of browser. The personal and contact details include the full name of the user, PIN code, preference/interests, opinion, mail id, mobile number, etc. which is available due to user’s online activities. 


When and How Does Saurabh Electronics Collect the Information? 

  1. Anonymous traffic information 
  2. During registration 
  3. Feedback section (Kindly note: Information shared here is considered non-confidential.)


How Does Saurabh Electronic Use This Information? 

  1. Passwords/confirmation notifications
  2. Fresh arrivals
  3. Updates
  4. Solving queries
  5. Preserve social history falling under the provisions of laws of India
  6. Delivery
  7. Understanding demands
  8. Improve the website and services
  9. Billing Process


When Does Saurabh Electronics Share Information with Their Partners?

  1. Companies that provide services on Saurab Electronic’s behalf. 
  2. Legal matters like subpoenas, court orders, unlawful activities, violation of the company’s terms. 


How and Why Does Saurabh Electronics Uses Cookies?

(Note: Users can accept or decline the use of cookies by the website)

  1. Recorded in computerized systems that save and link the information
  2. Attract and navigate the users
  3. Saves information in hard drive
  4. Understand the interest and demand of users 


What Security Measures Does Saurabh Electronics Follow? 

(Note: Saurabh Electronics does not hold any liabilities in case of cybercrimes)

  1. Loss, misuse, and alteration of the information is avoided through a systematic procedure
  2. Databases are protected with anti-virus and firewalls
  3. Servers are protected by password and it is shared with limited people